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I was born in California and lived most of my life there. I was able to experience scenic landscapes and develop an appreciation for them that continues to shape my work to this day. While my early photographic focus was on natural landscapes, over time my work evolved to include additional genres, such as urban and industrial landscapes.

I have traveled extensively over the years, which has broadened my interests to travel photography, another major focus of my work. I have also developed a keen interest in wildlife, especially bird, photography.


I moved to Prescott, Arizona in 2013 , which provided me a greater opportunity to explore and capture the treasures of the American Southwest as is reflected in my portfolio. I recently relocated to McMinnville, Oregon, which allow me to expand my West Coast portfolio.

I am constantly seeking out landscapes, natural and man-made, to reveal their beauty, their graphic energy, or their tensions with their surroundings. I enjoy the spontaneity of composition that comes, especially, with wildlife and travel photography.

In capturing an image, I pay great attention to the fundamentals - exposure with a full range of light, compositional elements, tonality and color. If these are lost the image will be discordant and ultimately fail as art.


The captured image is not the final expression of my vision. The fundamentals are there, but they then need to be interpreted. I achieve this interpretation utilizing an extensive pallet of digital software tools to enhance the image to create my original visualization. And I use archival materials and exacting oversight to ensure that my work will be of the highest quality and last for generations.

Permanent Exhibitions

Cactus Wren Art Gallery                  
19 Tubac Road, Suite 600

Tubac, AZ 85646

Phone: 520.437.3988 

Scheduled Exhibitions

October 15 – November 14

In the Mezzanine Gallery

Expressions of Light and Jewelry

‘Tis Art Center & Gallery

105 S. Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ 86303
Phone: 928.775.0223

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